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Kontrastism is a graphic design + art portfolio by Kenji Terai. Inspiration for the name came from one of the most important elements of graphic design: contrast.

About Kenji
Kenji Terai is New York-based graphic designer, art director, coordinator & consultant specializing in brand development, website, fashion, pattern design, and photography-related projects. He also provides graphics services for a variety of events, including art, fashion, and music shows.

Over the years, he has designed some of Built's best-selling fabric patterns, which have been featured in a variety of publications. With his broad array of experiences and knowledge, he has also served as a design consultant for several businesses (including start-ups), providing brand development, website building, and marketing-related services.

What People Say About Kenji & His Works
“Design ninja!” “Problem solved.” “Thank God we have you.”

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